Speakers Union

Our workshops

The Speakers Union strives to teach first time and inexperienced speakers the skills they need to create great presentations and feel confident in front of an audience.

To ensure we have the maximum impact, we work with organisations serving under-represented people and refugees.

Women Who Code Berlin @ Wooga

Presentation skills

Career advancement hinges on comfort in the spotlight. Give us a single day. Whether you’re pitching an investor or client, speaking at a conference, or just stepping up to the whiteboard in front of the team — our hands-on workshops put you, and everyone around you, at ease.

Presentation design

Great presentations include moving slides guaranteed to grab your audiences attention. Learn techniques for understanding your audience, researching your topic, and rehearsing your presentation in our workshop.

Working together

Speakers Union partners with great organisations to bring our workshops to under-represented people in the United States and Europe. Let’s talk to see if your organisation would be a good fit for our mission.

Community of speakers

Speakers Union maintains a Slack channel for speakers to collaborate on upcoming talks, share news of conference RFPs, and provide support for each other. If you would like to join, contact our community manager & she will set you up.